The Importance of Employee Motivation

“You don’t build a business. You build people and then people build the business.”

Someone very rightfully said so because, if an organization lacks motivated and determined employees, it will never prosper. We are human beings and often in our lives we come across situations which suck the life out of us. Employees are human beings too and it is very important to understand the factors (emotional, physical or others) that are causing them to be demotivated or depressed.

In such situations, it is very important to handle the employee with care and not to rain work load all over the individual. Positive and motivated employees are the key to an organization’s success. It is very important to place yourself in the shoes of an employee than expecting them to always fit in yours. TelemindsInfotech solely believes in this principle and this has made our organization one of those which lead in employee satisfaction and performance. Employee satisfaction and performance go hand-in-hand and if the former is not there, the latter will be a far cry.

Employee satisfaction is the most important aspect of any organization or workplace and it drastically determines the company’s performance. If you are the head of a department or company, employee motivation should be the most essential part of your regular routine. Be it through motivational e-mails, texts or any other means, it is important to ensure that your employees know how precious they are to you and the company.
The sad part is, most companies fail to understand this. In fact, research shows that only 13% of the employees are engaged in their work, which is a terribly low number. The good part is, TelemindsInfotech takes pride in not being in the list of such companies and has rather won recognition as being one of the best employee-friendly companies.

The importance of employee motivation From allowing the management to meet the company’s objectives or goals to making an organization reach much higher levels or output, the importance of employee motivation is crucial indeed. Motivated employees not only increase the overall productivity but also create a positive vibe in the company. It is terrible if you fail to motivate your employees as they are the fuel to the energy your company runs on and we, at TelemindsInfotech, understand and value this.
It is not possible to always expect the best and most motivated self of an individual. There are several downs in life and anything can trigger sadness or the inability to work on particular days. It is very important to be realistic and keep the employees as motivated as possible in a good way.

There are several benefits of motivating employees in an organisation:

Employee satisfaction, improved
When employees know that whatever hard work and dedication they are putting into work is being appreciated and noticed, they will give more and more effort and stay motivated. Imagine giving something your best shot and it going unnoticed and unappreciated. It is very likely to make you lose your appetite to work and slowly, you will start losing your confidence and motivation levels.
Employee satisfaction ensures the positive growth of a company and this makes it all the more important.

Facilitating an employee’s self-development
Motivation has the potential to make employee’s reach their personal goals and objectives too. Once those initial goals are achieved by them, they will understand the clear link between the effort they put in and the results they get. This makes them stay more motivated and give it their best shot at work.

Improving employee efficiency
It is not just the qualities and qualifications of an employee that determine his or her efficiency level. It largely depends on developing a balance between the task given to an employee and his or her willingness to carry it out. It is very important to stop imposing tasks on employees they are not willing to do.
This leads to an increased level of productivity and a great improvement in an employee’s efficiency. For example, asking a simple “can you do it?” in a friendly way to an employee is a very good approach in first understanding if they are willing to take up the task. If not, never impose anything on that employee.

An increased commitment level of the employees
When tasks are assigned to motivated employees, the level of commitment and efforts they put into those tasks is highly commendable. So, motivated employees are definitely the key to greasing the wheels on which your company is running on.

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